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Relax, nothing is in control

Sometimes we have to get out of our own way to allow a higher source to flow through us. We need to let go of the illusion that we can control everything. Truly the only thing we really can control is letting go of trying to control everything. It is amazing what can come through, […]

If you’re not excited about it, It’s not the right path

Since the Covid Lockdowns I believe, as collective, we have experienced a universal pattern interrupt. People more than ever have had to STOP and ask themselves… “is what I am currently doing really setting my soul on fire?” 🤔🔥 I believe it is what YOU CREATE & CONTRIBUTE to your community and the world in […]

Cultivating energy

We become what we repeatedly do. Cultivating energy is very different to stimulating energy. Stimulating energy is a quick pick me up followed by a down later on. For example: things like caffeine, sugar, intense exercise/asana practice or even too much screen time all stimulate us for a quick high of energy during and after […]

The one consistent thing is you

“The one consistent thing is you!” This statement was a hard pill to swallow for me! I asked myself how could I possibly be the cause of all the suffering in my own life? What about all the people who treated me badly and hurt me? What about all the people that took advantage of […]