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13 certifications in 12 months certificate

The Empowered Master Facilitator Program

13 certifications in 12 months certificate

Embark on a 12-month mentorship program for a personal and professional journey!

This amazing program includes the following…

• NLP Practitioner Certification
• Time Line Therapy Certification
• Hypnotherapy Certification
• NLP Coach Certification
• Breathwork Facilitator Certification
• Meditation Facilitator Certification

• NLP Master Practitioner Certification
• Time Line Therapy Master Certification
• Hypnotherapy Master Certification
• NLP Master Coach Certification
• Breathwork Master Facilitator Certification
• Meditation Master Facilitator Certification
• Empowered Master Facilitator Certification

The aim of this retreat is to re-balance your body and mind using your body and the breath as instruments for transformation.

This retreat is designed specifically for those who want to reconnect with themselves and enhance their body-mind connection through movement, breathwork, meditation, chanting and self reflection.

Retreat includes private room and transfers*. Click here for more information about this retreat.

*excludes flights and food

Fortnightly Group Business Mentoring, Workshops and Q & As.

*All sessions are also recorded to watch later if you can’t make live calls.

3 x 1:1 Breakthrough Sessions with Ben within 12 month period (2 hour sessions)

Includes professional logo and website designed by our Empowered Academy Graphic Designer

Total value of this program is well over $50,000!

For you $17,000 upfront or $20,000 on a payment plan (*10% Deposit Required and then $1500 per month x 12 months)

Next intake: 6 Sept 2024 – 6 Sept 2025

About this program

2024 marks 10 years since I started coaching back in 2014 and wow what an incredible journey it has been.

I remember within the space of 2 years I was able to transition from personal training to coaching full time but working part time hours.

After 3 years I was able to travel non – stop and was able to run my coaching business from my laptop and phone anywhere in the world.

This not only gave me location freedom but also some time freedom as well. I was working about 25 hours a week in my business at that stage but could take time off in-between coaching intakes which enabled me to invest my time, my my money and energy into more personal and personal development as well as creating time to explore my inner world more deeply.

By my 4th year of coaching I made 134k in turnover working about 25 hours a week.
Life was good.

facilitator using a whiteboard for explanation

I mean 4 years prior to this I was working 30 – 40 hours a week personal training doing super early mornings and late nights being restricted to one location for work.

I still loved coaching at this stage but I was definitely losing fulfilment and felt like I had stopped growing.

I was traveling to amazing locations and having these deep life changing experiences but I was doing it all by myself.

So in my 5th year of coaching I decided to start sharing these experiences with others and so I began combining my skills and love for travel to create magical life changing events, in person courses and powerful retreat experiences.

I continued also doing a bit of 1 on 1 coaching but moving from working 1 to 1 to working 1 to many brought me a greater sense of fulfilment, growth and time freedom when I wasn’t running events, courses and retreats.

Within 1 year of facilitating I turned over more income than what I had made in the previous 2 years combined.

Again life was good.

I was doing what I loved, was traveling and staying in some super epic locations, creating deep meaningful connections, helping people transform their lives and getting paid really well in the process.

And from here I have spent the last 5 years refining and mastering the art of running a heart centred business and the art of Masterful Facilitation.

Even with some tuff times with Covid in the mix, I found the way or made the way and continued to practice behavioural flexibility so I could keep doing what I love.

I am truly blessed that especially over the last 5 years I have been able to fully be immersed in these spaces and step into a real embodiment of everything I teach.

However deep in my heart I knew there was more fore for me give and share to create a bigger impact.

It was actually in a deep state of meditation that the ‘do to’ to this calling came into fruition.

I asked myself the question…

“How can I create something that is going to create a bigger ripple effect in people’s lives and people’s hearts?”

“How can I assist more heart centred leaders to experience more abundance, share more of their gifts and create more powerful spaces for transformation?”

From sitting with these powerful questions the Empowered Master Facilitator Program was born!

several people hugging each other warmly

Empowering you, to empower others

Empowered Academy is also commitment to various different outreach projects and cultivating a strong growth mindset community.

Through Empowered Academy unwavering commitment to helping individuals unleash their inner potential, Ben Clarke and his team continues to inspire and empower individuals worldwide.

What is the Empowered Master Facilitator Program?

Imagine building a business around your life, sharing your gifts, changing people’s lives, while creating more time and financial freedom.

This is not just a training to become a masterful facilitator this is a training to allow you to fully step into and embody what you teach through your own personal and professional transformation over a full 12 month period.

We teach you the important practical stuff needed behind the scenes like creating cohesive teams, marketing, sales and other logistics but most importantly we teach you how to tap into the energetics of creating and hold powerful sacred spaces.

We take you on a journey of embodiment to become a masterful facilitator with a business model that helps creates a high level of financial abundance and time freedom, all while doing meaning work in the world that you absolutely love.

This Facilitator Program is a truly a rite of passage journey in itself and an invitation for you to dream a bigger dream and play a bigger game.

This journey is about truly becoming the person you know you are here to be, and doing the work in this world you know you are here to do!

In addition to learning the tools for creating and facilitating a powerful, effective, safe and transformational space, you will also learn how to bring your full presence and authority to spaces, learn how to communicate efficiently and effectively and how to stay calm, centred and present no-matter what is playing out in your spaces.

This is a journey for yourself but not by yourself. You will have ongoing support from day 1 and will have one of our Master Coaches assigned to assisting you on your whole journey.

No matter how much or how little experience you have in facilitation we will meet you where you are and help you take the next steps required to take you to where you want to be.

Why did we develop this program?

Our vision is to assist heart-centred individuals to evolve into the most empowered version of themselves and create abundance in all areas of life.

Taking only one approach to healing and transformation is simply not enough.

It leads to spiritual bypassing, delusion, inner conflicts and inconsistent outcomes. This program is the whole package and gives you all the tools you need to be a leader in your industry.

How is this program different?

Who is this program for?


if the ‘Empowered Master Facilitator’ Program is something for you, or if you wish to upgrade your existing package with Empowered Academy, simply provide us with your contact details, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. (We will not use your contact details for marketing purposes.)